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Restaurant Delivery in East Queen Anne

With Seattle residents practicing social distancing and following shelter in place procedure, most of the usual restaurants and hangout spots in Queen Anne are either closed or delivery-only. The virus puts local restaurants in a tough position, trying to make ends meet without letting go of employees or putting people at risk. Ordering delivery is a great way to support your local Queen Anne restaurants while also enjoying a hearty meal from home. Each of these services delivers to East Queen Anne and the surrounding area.


restaurant delivery, people delivering pizza

The food delivery company with the most presence in Seattle is Doordash, meaning it’s generally quicker and easier to catch an available driver. As for what to order, there are tons of options. Arguably Seattle’s most beloved chain restaurant, Dick’s Drive-In is delivering through Doordash. If you’re feeling boxed in, Annapurna Cafe is a wonderful treat, providing a decadent variety of recipes from India, Nepal, and Tibet. For a less fancy evening, Doordash also delivers Grady’s House of Chicken and Alberona’s Pizza & Pasta. Though a far stretch from a small, local restaurant, Pokeworks can also hit the spot. 


The second most well-known food deliverer in the area is UberEats, with a new variety of restaurants on the menu. Zaika means “sense of taste” in Urdu, and that’s what this artisan restaurant provides in artistic and delectable ways. Many people in East Queen Anne and elsewhere would be sad to see it go, so please consider supporting it if you have the means. For large portions of fresh seafood, Ten Sushi is offering delivery through UberEats. For juicy meat and Mediterranean food, Al Basha is a great restaurant option to order from.


On Grubhub, Salad Station is a great way to load up on fresh, raw veggies. The local chain, Blue Water Taco Grill, is build-your-own style, but also has a few tasty menu items to choose from. Also delivered to East Queen Anne through Grubhub, Shawarma King is a mediterranean fast food joint with fun side dishes like egyptian foul and eggplant dip, definitely worth a try.


Though not as well-known as some of the other delivery companies operating in East Queen Anne, Postmates has a specialty in grocery delivery, as well as delivery from liquor stores, drug stores, and pet stores. It also offers delivery from a wide selection of restaurants. For instance, if you haven’t tried Purple Dot Cafe, now is a great opportunity. Fat Shack provides admittedly (and intentionally) over-the-top fried foods, while Mecca Cafe offers diner classics. 

If you don’t see your favorite type of food on this list, there are many more offered by each delivery service. Delivery drivers are up as late (or early) as you are, so as long as a restaurant is open, someone is likely available to deliver.

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Apartment Plants: Easy Indoor Plants and How to Care for Them

Nothing warms up a new apartment like something green. Whether or not you’ve had the chance to develop your green thumb, there are several common indoor plants that you will have no trouble caring for. Browse this short list of easy indoor plants and what’s needed to keep them happy. With a little patience, you’ll find the right plant (or plants) for you.

Snake Plant: Easy Care 

snake plants at a nurseryThe perfect starter plant, the snake plant only needs to be watered once every 1 to 2 weeks. Whether you’re just starting out as a plant owner or have watched one too many flowers wither away, you can rest assured that your snake plant will persevere. To keep it happy, check the soil for dampness about once a week and give your plant just a dash of water if needed. If the leaves feel full, you’re doing great. If they start to wither, just add water! The best thing you can do for a snake plant is relax and let it do its thing.

Jade Plant: Easy Care

jade plant in ceramic potOnce considered a spiritual source of prosperity, jade plants are considered great house-warming (or apartment-warming) gifts. The gifter trims a healthy section from their own plant and places it in a vase filled with water or nutrient formula until it grows roots. The cutting can then be transplanted into a vase of dry soil. If you know anyone with a jade plant, they’ll likely be excited to share. Find your jade plant a spot on the windowsill, water it once in a blue moon, and it will be happy as can be.

Peace Lily: Requires Some Special Care

2 peace lily flowers on large bush

One of the few flowering indoor plants, the peace lily is also one of the most versatile. When shopping at your local nursery, pay close attention to the label on each peace lily pot. While some breeds stop growing at just 10 inches, others grow to a towering 3 to 5 feet tall. If there’s a space in your apartment that needs filling, the peace lily is up to the task — just make sure you pick the right breed. Keep your peace lily’s soil slightly moist, keep it out of direct sunlight, and it will be right as rain. If your peace lily is ever looking under the weather consult this care guide.

Peperomia: Easy Care

peperomia plant at nursury with naturally wrinkled leavesA delicate-looking yet rugged plant, the peperomia comes in several varieties. Choose your favorite from verdant green to multicolored and naturally wrinkled leaves. Peperomia thrive under electric lighting and only need to be watered on occasion, but are happiest when repotted each spring. If you’re up to the task, you will fall in love with your peperomia. 

Plastic Plants: No Care Needed

plastic flower sewn together artisticallyNot everyone loves plastic plants, and that’s okay. There is a certain charm to a well designed plastic plant. They can be wild and colorful like a tropical flower, or pruned and perfect like a garden centerpiece. You me home is your domain: you can decorate your desk with a recreation of your favorite flower, let meandering plastic vines drape over your railings, even intermix plastic plants with easygoing succulents. This way, you can surround yourself with your favorite flora, real and recreated.


Did you find something green to brighten up the room? There are more varieties out there than scientists can hope to count, but this tops off the list.

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applicants lining up to hand resumes to a hiring manager

The Best Companies to Work for in Seattle

The Silicon Valley of Washington State is home to Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile, Boeing, Nintendo of America, and countless other tech companies of varying sizes. But this is not about them. This is about the most beloved Seattle companies, the places that people dream of working at. Each of these companies stand out for their positive company culture and commitment to their employees.

Dream Jobs in Seattle

four people handing resumes to recruiter


This thought leader in modern technology has locations in both Seattle and Kirkland, and is always looking for the most talented and hardworking people out there. The Google crowd is rich in software engineers, also called programmers and developers, but the focus is expanding to highlight the works of creative people working in sales and user experience. Employees relish in the positive atmosphere of teamwork, mutual respect, support, and collaboration.

The perks of working at Google are without compare. First and foremost: the free food. Employees and their guests enjoy a wide variety of wholesome meals on campus. There’s comprehensive health insurance to match, including on-site medical care. Employees also rave about the retirement plan and work/life balance. Note: Contractors enjoy amicable pay but no benefits.

University of Washington

Too large to be described as just a university, UW is perhaps better known as a center for medical research. Research scientists, engineers, and statisticians are working to improve healthcare and prevent disease. There is also much demand for organized minds in finance and management to keep the sprawling campus working as a cohesive unit. For professor and research fellow positions, browse the separate list of academic jobs.

One of the most exciting benefits of working at an educational institution is the free classes. Many employees choose to work on their Master’s degrees or even PHD’s on the side. Benefits start with suitable vacation, sick days, and personal days, as well as a 401(k) matching up to 10%. Pay and benefits continue to improve the longer employees remain at UW. Professors make a decent competitive salary, while people working in medical science enjoy generous pay.


The creators of this paper-saving program have one of the highest Glassdoor ratings for a company of its size. There are calls for software developers, in-house lawyers, and marketing professionals in a variety of specialized fields. Employees love the positive atmosphere and the company’s willingness to take care of its employees. The leadership doesn’t take itself too seriously and works as a part of the team.

DocuSign is one of the few companies out there that covers 100% of the premiums for medical, dental, and vision insurance. Time off is generous, including 3 days for volunteering and a bonus day off for birthdays. Employees enjoy a free sandwich bar every day and a hot catered lunch once a week, not to mention treats in the lounges.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

United under a vision of a better world, this foundation is the perfect place for anyone looking for a purpose in life. The company is divided into a series of teams that tackle different health dilemmas around the world. Employees can easily find their way into teams focused on problems they’re passionate about. Those wishing to see the world will find ample opportunities while working for the foundation.

Employees enjoy the freedom to work from home on Fridays and take unlimited paid time off (so long as deadlines are met). Parents enjoy six paid months with a new baby or adoptee, in addition to a generous $20,000 stipend. All employees benefit from health and dental insurance with low co-pays.
Looking for an apartment with an easy commute to work in Seattle? See how to get everywhere in Seattle from our beautiful apartments.

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Thanksgiving turkey cartoon with pilgrim hat

Eden Apartment’s Thanksgiving Photo Scavenger Hunt

Join the Eden in celebrating Thanksgiving with our photo scavenger hunt! Gather up as many points as you can snapping photos in our beautiful neighborhood and while using our amenities and common areas!

Eden Apartments Queen Anne Scavenger Hunt

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How to Get Everywhere from Seattle’s Westlake Neighborhood by Public Transit

Every day, people move to downtown Seattle and sell their cars – it’s an age-old story. Some keep their vehicles for road trips out of town, or lend them to friends outside the city, but almost no one drives in Seattle. The fastest way from point A to point B is almost always via public transit.

Navigating Downtown Seattle

Everything a Seattleite needs is on one route around downtown Seattle. Metro Transit buses 3 and 4 take Westlake residents everywhere they need to go. During peak transit times, the buses pass every fifteen minutes. The route takes passengers north through Freemont, Wallingford, Greenlake, and Phinney Ridge, then south through Queen Anne, Pioneer Square, Mt. Baker, and the Central District.

Buses 3 and 4 are a direct route to Pike’s Place Market, Centurylink Field, Woodland Park Zoo, the Space Needle, Paramount Theater, and every other key location in downtown Seattle. The route also passes numerous grocery stores, theaters, and city parks. For a faster route downtown, the E Line travels down Aurora Ave all the way from Shoreline to Downtown Seattle.

Click for full route map.

Visiting Other Cities

The tricky part about traveling between Washington cities is that almost every city has a separate transit system. The connections can sometimes be in odd places or take passengers on winding routes. However, there are some patterns to make it easier. For instance, a trip to Bellevue requires taking the 3 to James and 3rd then hopping on the 550 Express. The 522 to Woodinville leaves from James and 4th, just one block away. Getting to Renton is much more complicated, requiring at least two transfers. However, the 545 to Redmond stops at 4th and Pike, just a quick E Line trip from Westwood.

The routes between Washington cities may feel disorganized and random, but a little patience and a lot of practice will make the trip feel almost natural. It’s a good idea to consult Google Maps before traveling between cities.

Traveling Out-of-State and Internationally

King Street Station is a traffic hub located in the Seattle International District. A quick trip on the E line travels from Westwood to the station, which branches out all over the world. An underground entrance leads to the Link Light Rail which is a straight shot to the Seatac International Airport. Above ground, the Amtrak train is ready to take passengers all over the United States and Canada. For a cheaper price, the Bolt Bus takes passengers south to Portland and north to Vancouver, BC.

There is no need to sit in traffic. It is quick and painless to travel from Westwood to anywhere in Seattle. It’s even easier to travel out-of-state with the streamlined public transit system. Traveling between Washington cities can be a challenge, but following a specific route becomes second nature with a little practice. Residents agree: it’s cheaper, easier, and better for the environment to get around Seattle without a car.

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