Explore our Dog-Friendly, Pet-Friendly, and People-Friendly Apartments in Queen Anne, Seattle

From pet-conscious design on the inside to dog-friendly zones on the outside, our newly renovated Queen Anne apartments are designed to provide the best experience possible for residents and their pets. See why you and your pets should make a home here.

Apartment Interiors Designed for Pets

Each of our Seattle apartments has luxury vinyl wide-plank floors for quick, easy, and stain-free pet mess clean-up. The material is specially selected to make pet messes easy to clean without leaving stains or smells, lowering your stress and keeping the apartments in top condition. Our floors also have extra noise-dampening padding. This comes in handy when 3am rolls around and pets have the sudden need to run around the apartment. (It’s also useful when moving furniture, tap dancing, etc.)

The Eden Dog Park

apartment dog park in Queen Anne at The Eden

Our dog park isn’t just a spacious off-leash area, it also has several covered benches, and some of the same obstacles used in agility training for your dogs to play with. There is plenty of space to play fetch with your golden retriever, and room for energetic dogs to romp and play while others relax in their own quiet space. It’s a haven for pups and humans alike, an outdoor space we couldn’t be more proud of.

Nearby Dog-Friendly Parks and Walking Areas

In gorgeous eastern queen Anne just south of the greenbelt, The Eden is surrounded by beautiful walking areas. You and your pup can hike down to Seattle Center, or visit any of the local parks and walking trails nearby. There are numerous views of the bay and Lake Union both to the east and west of the apartment complex. In fact, walking any direction from The Eden will take you on a beautiful tour of the area. Read in detail about places to walk your dog in Queen Anne.

We hope you’ll find a home here at The Eden, a place you’re glad to return to after a long day. Browse our full list of amenities, or find an apartment floor plan you love.

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1 Bedroom Apartments in Queen Anne, Seattle

In Queen Anne, there are 11 or more downtown apartment complexes to choose from, and only two apartment complexes outside the Lower Queen Anne area. Choosing a 1 bedroom apartment in Queen Anne is a matter of not just budget, but personal taste, individual needs, and lifestyle. With tenancy averaging 3 years in one apartment, it’s important to take the time to find an apartment you will love for the full length of your stay. To help you find the right apartment, we will examine not just the location but the square footage, amenities and general atmosphere of 1 bedroom apartments in Queen Anne.

Nob Hill

Nob Hill floor plan with one bedroom, walk in closet, 3 social spaces, and 1 bathroom

A spacious 726 square feet located in East Queen Anne, this 1-bedroom apartment is perfect for entertaining. Nob Hill apartments have a scenic deck entrance which leads to the living room, featuring a tile backsplash fireplace. Without breaking the open floor plan, the shape of the building creates a natural divide between the living room and dining room, creating a second social area. For privacy, the bedroom, bathroom, and in-unit washer/dryer are tucked away in their own section of the apartment. 

What makes this 1-bedroom apartment unique is the extra storage space: the bedroom has its own walk-in closet, and there is a storage closet within easy reach of the kitchen, bedroom, and living room. For people who love to live clutter-free yet still have easy storage access within the apartment, Nob Hill provides the ideal balance. Nob Hill’s amenities include an indoor gym with fitness classes and a rooftop lounge for hosting community gatherings.


Blaine 1 bedroom apartment with large living room, three closets, and breakfast bar

Not to be confused with the city, Blaine is a stylish 1 bedroom apartment in East Queen Anne. A conservative but still spacious 648 square feet, Blaine has a hallway entrance with convenient access to the in-unit washer and dryer. The bedroom is equipped with tow closets and a door to the bathroom. The closet by the front door can serve as both a coat closet and extra pantry space. The connected living room and dining room make it easy to customize your living space, leaving plenty of room for your hobbies. 

The amenities of this 1-bedroom apartment are its main draws: a washer and dryer as well as stainless steel appliances in each apartment, and a 24-hour fitness center for the apartment complex. Pet-owners are excited to see the off-leash dog park. In addition, apartment residents can save space by keeping their bicycles in the bike storage area and repair shop included with rent. See a full list of apartment amenities.

No matter which 1-bedroom apartment you choose, there is a lot to love at each. For more information, check out 1-bedroom apartment floor plans at the Eden in Queen Anne.

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view of St Mark's Cathedral from Lake Union

Social Distancing Activities in East Queen Anne

What to do when the usual haunts are shut down? There are fun places to go and sights to see within the radius of East Queen Anne, no transportation required. Whenever you feel the need for fresh air, browse this list for ideas on how to have new experiences in the outdoors within walking distance of East Queen Anne.

Tour Seattle Center

The Seattle Center is within walking distance of anywhere in East Queen Anne, only 25 minutes away from our Queen Anne apartments. While the galleries and museums are closed due to the outbreak, there are numerous gorgeous outdoor exhibits, including the fun but cheesy Olympic Iliad and the sculpture-filled Neototems Children’s Garden. On your way back, grab takeout from Ozzie’s, Toulouse Petit, or Dick’s Drive-In. A quick detour to Kerry Park is worth the trip, with a beautiful view of downtown Seattle to enjoy a bite to.

Watch the Boats from Lake Union Park

view of St Mark's Cathedral from Lake Union

View of St Mark’s Cathedral from Lake Union

There are many places to view the boats passing through Lake Union or parked in the marina, but Lake Union Park provides a grand view of the lake and all of its goings-on. Though the Museum of History & Industry is closed at the moment, the architecturally fascinating building is worth a tour from the outside. 

Play Games at Thomas C. Wales Park

For families with kids and for those who are kids at heart, check out the little park north of the Northeast Queen Anne Greenbelt. The bizarre atmosphere and unique structures at Thomas Wales Park bring out a sense of fun and adventure in all of us. Though small, the park has children racing in circles, climbing up and down stairs as the sculptures cast circular shadows on the ground. 

Go on a Nature Walk

The greenest part of East Queen Anne is well-named: the Northeast Queen Anne Greenbelt. Eden residents love to start their journey at Trolley Hill Park, with a central stone sculpture and a thriving community garden. The surroundings transition from city park to wilderness as the trees encircle the trail, creating a habitat for birds, squirrels, and other woodland creatures. The greenbelt is the perfect way to become immersed in nature without straying too far from home.

Grow Flowers and Veggies at the P-Patch

There is a flourishing community garden connected to Trolley Hill Park. If a spot is available, you can reserve your own patch and grow all your favorite plants. Reserve a p-patch here. In the meantime, you can order both indoor and outdoor plants online from local Fremont shop, peaceloveandhappiness.club.

Though much of the East Queen Anne area is closed, there is still a great variety of natural and metropolitan areas to explore. In the center of it all is The Eden, a complex of newly remodeled apartments of all shapes and sizes. Browse our apartment layouts and 3D tours.

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restaurant delivery, people delivering pizza

Restaurant Delivery in East Queen Anne

With Seattle residents practicing social distancing and following shelter in place procedure, most of the usual restaurants and hangout spots in Queen Anne are either closed or delivery-only. The virus puts local restaurants in a tough position, trying to make ends meet without letting go of employees or putting people at risk. Ordering delivery is a great way to support your local Queen Anne restaurants while also enjoying a hearty meal from home. Each of these services delivers to East Queen Anne and the surrounding area.


restaurant delivery, people delivering pizza

The food delivery company with the most presence in Seattle is Doordash, meaning it’s generally quicker and easier to catch an available driver. As for what to order, there are tons of options. Arguably Seattle’s most beloved chain restaurant, Dick’s Drive-In is delivering through Doordash. If you’re feeling boxed in, Annapurna Cafe is a wonderful treat, providing a decadent variety of recipes from India, Nepal, and Tibet. For a less fancy evening, Doordash also delivers Grady’s House of Chicken and Alberona’s Pizza & Pasta. Though a far stretch from a small, local restaurant, Pokeworks can also hit the spot. 


The second most well-known food deliverer in the area is UberEats, with a new variety of restaurants on the menu. Zaika means “sense of taste” in Urdu, and that’s what this artisan restaurant provides in artistic and delectable ways. Many people in East Queen Anne and elsewhere would be sad to see it go, so please consider supporting it if you have the means. For large portions of fresh seafood, Ten Sushi is offering delivery through UberEats. For juicy meat and Mediterranean food, Al Basha is a great restaurant option to order from.


On Grubhub, Salad Station is a great way to load up on fresh, raw veggies. The local chain, Blue Water Taco Grill, is build-your-own style, but also has a few tasty menu items to choose from. Also delivered to East Queen Anne through Grubhub, Shawarma King is a mediterranean fast food joint with fun side dishes like egyptian foul and eggplant dip, definitely worth a try.


Though not as well-known as some of the other delivery companies operating in East Queen Anne, Postmates has a specialty in grocery delivery, as well as delivery from liquor stores, drug stores, and pet stores. It also offers delivery from a wide selection of restaurants. For instance, if you haven’t tried Purple Dot Cafe, now is a great opportunity. Fat Shack provides admittedly (and intentionally) over-the-top fried foods, while Mecca Cafe offers diner classics. 

If you don’t see your favorite type of food on this list, there are many more offered by each delivery service. Delivery drivers are up as late (or early) as you are, so as long as a restaurant is open, someone is likely available to deliver.

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seattle skyline from eden apartments

What we Love about Queen Anne

Most Seattle residents have been to the Experience Music Project several times over, and the Space Needle more times than they can remember, but what about the hidden treasures of Queen Anne? What about the millions of other things that make up the culture and affect of Queen Anne? Here, we’ll look at not just individual landmarks but the parts that make the neighborhood what it is. 

seattle skyline from queen anne

The Seattle School District

We can’t stress enough how much we love the selection of public and private schools near our very own Eden Apartments. From the numerous elementary schools of Queen Anne to the excellent choices of junior high and high schools, the new generation of growing students is in excellent hands. Families living in The Eden have a selection of public and private, religious and secular schools.

The Work Culture

Queen Anne is a center of commerce, connector to Microsoft and Boeing, and home to the Amazon base of operations. From startups to the big 3, companies are eager to provide the best benefits and most wholesome workplace cultures in order to draw in hard-working,highly qualified employees. While competition for the best-paid positions is high, there are new opportunities every day to help people get in the door. To get started, take a look at the best places to work in the Queen Anne area.

The Great Outdoors

From parks to the waterfront to the numerous kayaking opportunities, Queen Anne is overflowing with opportunities to be out in nature. Seattle is not like other cities: towering buildings and city smells. The City of Goodwill is spacious, artsy, and filled with elements of nature. Living in Queen Anne provides ample sights of greenery throughout the day, and more than a few ways to be fully immersed in nature. 

The Big City

Seattle is the biggest city in Washington, and Queen Anne is at the heart of it. Here are just a few treasured drinking spots to get started with near The Eden in Queen Anne — there are many more to discover downtown. There are also theaters and music stages of every size downtown. See the best concert venues in Seattle. Queen Anne is home to the Space Needle, Experience Music Project, Pacific Science Center, and many other cultural highlights of Seattle. 

What do you love about Queen Anne? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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house plants under windowsill

Apartment Plants: Easy Indoor Plants and How to Care for Them

Nothing warms up a new apartment like something green. Whether or not you’ve had the chance to develop your green thumb, there are several common indoor plants that you will have no trouble caring for. Browse this short list of easy indoor plants and what’s needed to keep them happy. With a little patience, you’ll find the right plant (or plants) for you.

Snake Plant: Easy Care 

snake plants at a nurseryThe perfect starter plant, the snake plant only needs to be watered once every 1 to 2 weeks. Whether you’re just starting out as a plant owner or have watched one too many flowers wither away, you can rest assured that your snake plant will persevere. To keep it happy, check the soil for dampness about once a week and give your plant just a dash of water if needed. If the leaves feel full, you’re doing great. If they start to wither, just add water! The best thing you can do for a snake plant is relax and let it do its thing.

Jade Plant: Easy Care

jade plant in ceramic potOnce considered a spiritual source of prosperity, jade plants are considered great house-warming (or apartment-warming) gifts. The gifter trims a healthy section from their own plant and places it in a vase filled with water or nutrient formula until it grows roots. The cutting can then be transplanted into a vase of dry soil. If you know anyone with a jade plant, they’ll likely be excited to share. Find your jade plant a spot on the windowsill, water it once in a blue moon, and it will be happy as can be.

Peace Lily: Requires Some Special Care

2 peace lily flowers on large bush

One of the few flowering indoor plants, the peace lily is also one of the most versatile. When shopping at your local nursery, pay close attention to the label on each peace lily pot. While some breeds stop growing at just 10 inches, others grow to a towering 3 to 5 feet tall. If there’s a space in your apartment that needs filling, the peace lily is up to the task — just make sure you pick the right breed. Keep your peace lily’s soil slightly moist, keep it out of direct sunlight, and it will be right as rain. If your peace lily is ever looking under the weather consult this care guide.

Peperomia: Easy Care

peperomia plant at nursury with naturally wrinkled leavesA delicate-looking yet rugged plant, the peperomia comes in several varieties. Choose your favorite from verdant green to multicolored and naturally wrinkled leaves. Peperomia thrive under electric lighting and only need to be watered on occasion, but are happiest when repotted each spring. If you’re up to the task, you will fall in love with your peperomia. 

Plastic Plants: No Care Needed

plastic flower sewn together artisticallyNot everyone loves plastic plants, and that’s okay. There is a certain charm to a well designed plastic plant. They can be wild and colorful like a tropical flower, or pruned and perfect like a garden centerpiece. You me home is your domain: you can decorate your desk with a recreation of your favorite flower, let meandering plastic vines drape over your railings, even intermix plastic plants with easygoing succulents. This way, you can surround yourself with your favorite flora, real and recreated.


Did you find something green to brighten up the room? There are more varieties out there than scientists can hope to count, but this tops off the list.

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computer at home office

2 Bedroom Apartments: Make the Most of Your Second Bedroom

Thinking of moving into an apartment with an extra bedroom? A lot can be done with a little extra space, especially with pre-planning. Whether you’re planning to use the room for work, hobbies, storage, or something completely different, see how best to use your second bedroom to get the most out of your whole apartment.

home office corner desk by window with blooming tree outside, black office chair facing computer on organized desk with printer and webcam

Not Just an Office

Many couples figure one room will be the bedroom, and the other can be a shared office space. This can work great for some, but sometimes other setups work even better. For example, one person may prefer dim lighting and music while the other prefers bright lights and silence. Sometimes having two desks together works perfectly, other times it works out to have them in separate rooms. Don’t feel boxed in–experiment with what helps everyone thrive.

Hobby Room

The largest room with the most natural light might go to waste as a bedroom, so why not make it the most exciting room in the house? Make your creative space the centerpiece of the room, decorated with everything you’ve worked on. From art to music to crafting and repairs, it’s refreshing to come home to a space designed around creativity. 

Display, not Storage

Most of the things we tuck away in storage are much more enjoyable outside the box. Following the Marie Kondo Method, you may find your storage is a mix of things you’d love to display or have on hand, and things you’re ready to say goodbye to. Sometimes the second bedroom turns into a storage room full of wasted space–don’t let this happen to you! 

Multipurpose Guest Room

If you grew up in a big house, one room was likely just for guests, complete with a queen or double bed. It’s great for guests to have their own space, but this space must be managed with care in a 2-bedroom apartment. Rather than buying a second bed, consider a hide-a-bed or air mattress. The extra space can then be used for different things, maybe an exercise room or extra project space. 

What hopes do you have for your second bedroom? See expert tips on apartment decor.

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breakfast nook

Apartment Decor and Decorations: Tips from our Interior Design Specialists

Apartment decorating can be difficult with so many options and styles to choose from. Especially when you move into a new apartment, it can be overwhelming to start fresh with new furniture and decorations. At Eden Apartments, we want you to feel as much at home as possible, and with the best dressed apartment. If you’re looking for some ways to make your new Eden Apartment stand out and feel personalized to you, look no further. 

Stylish Finishes and Tips for your new Eden Apartment:

apartment kitchen with breakfast bar and bright lighting

All of our apartments have beautiful entryways with luxury vinyl wide-plank flooring (also with noise reduction padding!) Add an entryway bench or coat rack like this piece from Pottery Barn for quick, convenient storage. You could easily store guests’ coats and shoes, your workout shoes or yoga mat for our Guided Fitness classes offered at our gym, or your dogs’ leashes for walks to our brand new fenced dog run. 

kitchen with stainless steel oven and fridge, gray brick tile,white and blue color scheme

In the kitchen, add a little personal touch to the stainless steel fridge by adding these polaroid picture magnets from Urban Outfitters. A great way to add a little color to your fridge and show off your friends and family! 

Do you enjoy cooking? Add this metal kitchen shelf from Urban Outfitters to store spices, cooking oils, and cooking utensils near the stove. Plus it looks great with our stylish two-tone navy and white finished cabinets. 

Keep your fruit and veggies off the gorgeous, white, quartz slab countertops in the kitchen with these adorable hanging baskets from Urban Outfitters. You could also store cookbooks, plants, and other kitchen cookware. A great added storage piece without countertop clutter. 

living room with fireplace, window overlooking Seattle, furnished with modern art, throw pillows, and plants

Make your tile fireplace stand out with statement mirror from World Market to hang above the mantle. Not only will this mirror add even more natural light and make the room appear even larger, it will also perfectly tie in with the gorgeous circle bathroom mirror. 

With there being tons of natural light and huge windows in our apartments, plants are also a necessity. For all of your plant needs, check out this Queen Anne plant shop, Cultivate Propagate. This shop is only 1.3 miles from our apartment complex! And if you’re looking for a cute plant holder as well, this multi purpose ladder shelf from Amazon would be great for storing plants, books, candles, and more.

breakfast table in kitchen nook with large window and sliding door bringing in natural light

With natural light flowing in from the large window and sliding door, the Eden dining room is a wonderful place to sip coffee in the mornings. If you want to opt for a less traditional dining table, check out this breakfast bar and bar stools from Urban Outfitters. Every morning, you can take in that spectacular view of Seattle while reading a book or checking Instagram. 

Let’s not forget about our private patios and balconies! Spruce up your balcony with some fresh herbs and flowers. Wayfair has a self-watering planter box waiting to be filled with basil, mint, and lavender. Or, go the more traditional route with this three-piece balcony table and chair set from Wayfair. The table folds up for easy storage for when you want to entertain guests in your new apartment.

small wooden desk with office chair next to bed

Although our bedrooms are large enough for a queen bed and full-sized desk, sometimes you want your room to feel a little more open, or less work-friendly. Consider desks that are functional, don’t take up a ton of bedroom space, and can be tucked away when you don’t want to think about work or school. Check out this wall-mounted desk from Urban Outfitters. You could even hang it up in the living room next to a cozy chair like this one from World Market. Easily close the desk up at 5:00pm (or a little before) and head to one of our two beautiful rooftop decks and enjoy the spectacular views, glass of wine in hand. 

rooftop lounge in evening with rooftop garden, tables, couches, and playful lighting

Ready to start online shopping apartment decor for your brand new Eden Apartment? Check out our variety of floor plans here, or fill out an application if you’ve already started shopping.

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two children doing homework together

Elementary Schools in the Queen Anne Neighborhood

Queen Anne is a gorgeous neighborhood near the heart of Seattle, and boasts perhaps the best view of the Seattle skyline. It’s also a prosperous neighborhood with more than a few choices of quality elementary schools. From the local public schools to small, community-driven programs, there is a place where every child can flourish. 

two elementary school children writing in a journal together

Queen Anne Public Schools

John Hay Elementary is a promising public school in Queen Anne offering a modern education. It’s also the public school within the attendance area for residents of The Eden. According to standardized testing and proficiency score from 2015 to 2018, students of John Hay Elementary excel above to the district average. The school atmosphere nurtures curiosity, thoughtfulness, and personal responsibility. 

Another option outside of the attendance area is John Stanford Elementary School, an award-winning school offering language immersion programs in Spanish and Japanese. Students spend half their day speaking English and half speaking their chosen language, all the while learning core subjects such as math and history. 

Montessori Elementary Schools

Next to Woodland Park Zoo, Northwest Montessori School makes use of mixed-aged classrooms in order to build an environment of mutual respect and co-learning. Teachers observe carefully in order to bring new elements into the classroom, capturing the curiosity and determination of each child.

Located in view of the ship canal, Pacific Crest School has a Montessori program that begins in preschool and continues through middle school. The classroom design fosters independence through an environment of mutual respect and explorative learning. Their program follows the belief that children naturally want to learn, and the best method of teaching is to give them the tools to work independently. 

Specialized Schools

At Seattle Hebrew Academy, the core learning tenets focus on traditional, tried-and-true teaching methods supplemented with individualized tactics. Along with their core studies, elementary school students learn Hebrew, Tefilah liturgy, and Jewish history. 

Within walking distance of The Eden, Seattle Country Day School is a private school helping gifted children take full advantage of their cognitive ability. Classroom sizes are small, no more than 16 students to a room. The inquiry-based teaching method challenges students to figure things out on their own instead of supplying answers. To enroll, students must test in the 97th percentile in an IQ-style test or demonstrate unique talent warranting special consideration.

Independent Elementary Schools

The Meridian School is an independent institution with only 200 students. The teachers tailor the curriculum to the needs and interests of each student as they find their individual talents and passions. Above all else, The Meridian School values equity and inclusion, ensuring that every student feels like a part of the community. There is also a special focus on hands-on natural science as students experience the day-to-day work of a zoologist.

Following a similar approach, Bertschi School is a small school with only seven students to each teacher, allowing for one-on-one opportunities throughout the day. The highly personalized learning style encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving as a group. Multiple school subjects are often incorporated into one lesson in order to harness the passions of each child. As they progress through the program, students learn to tackle problems in a holistic manner, relying on the knowledge and techniques they pick up.

Bright Water Waldorf School is another independent school that sets its sights on every aspect of a child’s development. As a Waldorf school, it seeks to support a child’s development physically, mentally, and emotionally though primarily activity-based lessons. Students learn compassion and the skills to put their compassion to work.

Each elementary school offers something unique, from a hands-on approach to a teaching method focused on the child’s critical thinking. An increasing number of schools near Queen Anne are introducing immersive language-learning and environmental science programs, with new teaching methods always around the corner. Looking for a place to call home? Take a look at what The Eden has to offer.

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applicants lining up to hand resumes to a hiring manager

The Best Companies to Work for in Seattle

The Silicon Valley of Washington State is home to Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile, Boeing, Nintendo of America, and countless other tech companies of varying sizes. But this is not about them. This is about the most beloved Seattle companies, the places that people dream of working at. Each of these companies stand out for their positive company culture and commitment to their employees.

Dream Jobs in Seattle

four people handing resumes to recruiter


This thought leader in modern technology has locations in both Seattle and Kirkland, and is always looking for the most talented and hardworking people out there. The Google crowd is rich in software engineers, also called programmers and developers, but the focus is expanding to highlight the works of creative people working in sales and user experience. Employees relish in the positive atmosphere of teamwork, mutual respect, support, and collaboration.

The perks of working at Google are without compare. First and foremost: the free food. Employees and their guests enjoy a wide variety of wholesome meals on campus. There’s comprehensive health insurance to match, including on-site medical care. Employees also rave about the retirement plan and work/life balance. Note: Contractors enjoy amicable pay but no benefits.

University of Washington

Too large to be described as just a university, UW is perhaps better known as a center for medical research. Research scientists, engineers, and statisticians are working to improve healthcare and prevent disease. There is also much demand for organized minds in finance and management to keep the sprawling campus working as a cohesive unit. For professor and research fellow positions, browse the separate list of academic jobs.

One of the most exciting benefits of working at an educational institution is the free classes. Many employees choose to work on their Master’s degrees or even PHD’s on the side. Benefits start with suitable vacation, sick days, and personal days, as well as a 401(k) matching up to 10%. Pay and benefits continue to improve the longer employees remain at UW. Professors make a decent competitive salary, while people working in medical science enjoy generous pay.


The creators of this paper-saving program have one of the highest Glassdoor ratings for a company of its size. There are calls for software developers, in-house lawyers, and marketing professionals in a variety of specialized fields. Employees love the positive atmosphere and the company’s willingness to take care of its employees. The leadership doesn’t take itself too seriously and works as a part of the team.

DocuSign is one of the few companies out there that covers 100% of the premiums for medical, dental, and vision insurance. Time off is generous, including 3 days for volunteering and a bonus day off for birthdays. Employees enjoy a free sandwich bar every day and a hot catered lunch once a week, not to mention treats in the lounges.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

United under a vision of a better world, this foundation is the perfect place for anyone looking for a purpose in life. The company is divided into a series of teams that tackle different health dilemmas around the world. Employees can easily find their way into teams focused on problems they’re passionate about. Those wishing to see the world will find ample opportunities while working for the foundation.

Employees enjoy the freedom to work from home on Fridays and take unlimited paid time off (so long as deadlines are met). Parents enjoy six paid months with a new baby or adoptee, in addition to a generous $20,000 stipend. All employees benefit from health and dental insurance with low co-pays.
Looking for an apartment with an easy commute to work in Seattle? See how to get everywhere in Seattle from our beautiful apartments.

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