What we Love about Queen Anne

Most Seattle residents have been to the Experience Music Project several times over, and the Space Needle more times than they can remember, but what about the hidden treasures of Queen Anne? What about the millions of other things that make up the culture and affect of Queen Anne? Here, we’ll look at not just individual landmarks but the parts that make the neighborhood what it is. 

seattle skyline from queen anne

The Seattle School District

We can’t stress enough how much we love the selection of public and private schools near our very own Eden Apartments. From the numerous elementary schools of Queen Anne to the excellent choices of junior high and high schools, the new generation of growing students is in excellent hands. Families living in The Eden have a selection of public and private, religious and secular schools.

The Work Culture

Queen Anne is a center of commerce, connector to Microsoft and Boeing, and home to the Amazon base of operations. From startups to the big 3, companies are eager to provide the best benefits and most wholesome workplace cultures in order to draw in hard-working,highly qualified employees. While competition for the best-paid positions is high, there are new opportunities every day to help people get in the door. To get started, take a look at the best places to work in the Queen Anne area.

The Great Outdoors

From parks to the waterfront to the numerous kayaking opportunities, Queen Anne is overflowing with opportunities to be out in nature. Seattle is not like other cities: towering buildings and city smells. The City of Goodwill is spacious, artsy, and filled with elements of nature. Living in Queen Anne provides ample sights of greenery throughout the day, and more than a few ways to be fully immersed in nature. 

The Big City

Seattle is the biggest city in Washington, and Queen Anne is at the heart of it. Here are just a few treasured drinking spots to get started with near The Eden in Queen Anne — there are many more to discover downtown. There are also theaters and music stages of every size downtown. See the best concert venues in Seattle. Queen Anne is home to the Space Needle, Experience Music Project, Pacific Science Center, and many other cultural highlights of Seattle. 

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