2 Bedroom Apartments: Make the Most of Your Second Bedroom

Thinking of moving into an apartment with an extra bedroom? A lot can be done with a little extra space, especially with pre-planning. Whether you’re planning to use the room for work, hobbies, storage, or something completely different, see how best to use your second bedroom to get the most out of your whole apartment.

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Not Just an Office

Many couples figure one room will be the bedroom, and the other can be a shared office space. This can work great for some, but sometimes other setups work even better. For example, one person may prefer dim lighting and music while the other prefers bright lights and silence. Sometimes having two desks together works perfectly, other times it works out to have them in separate rooms. Don’t feel boxed in–experiment with what helps everyone thrive.

Hobby Room

The largest room with the most natural light might go to waste as a bedroom, so why not make it the most exciting room in the house? Make your creative space the centerpiece of the room, decorated with everything you’ve worked on. From art to music to crafting and repairs, it’s refreshing to come home to a space designed around creativity. 

Display, not Storage

Most of the things we tuck away in storage are much more enjoyable outside the box. Following the Marie Kondo Method, you may find your storage is a mix of things you’d love to display or have on hand, and things you’re ready to say goodbye to. Sometimes the second bedroom turns into a storage room full of wasted space–don’t let this happen to you! 

Multipurpose Guest Room

If you grew up in a big house, one room was likely just for guests, complete with a queen or double bed. It’s great for guests to have their own space, but this space must be managed with care in a 2-bedroom apartment. Rather than buying a second bed, consider a hide-a-bed or air mattress. The extra space can then be used for different things, maybe an exercise room or extra project space. 

What hopes do you have for your second bedroom? See expert tips on apartment decor.

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