Elementary Schools in the Queen Anne Neighborhood

Queen Anne is a gorgeous neighborhood near the heart of Seattle, and boasts perhaps the best view of the Seattle skyline. It’s also a prosperous neighborhood with more than a few choices of quality elementary schools. From the local public schools to small, community-driven programs, there is a place where every child can flourish. 

two elementary school children writing in a journal together

Queen Anne Public Schools

John Hay Elementary is a promising public school in Queen Anne offering a modern education. It’s also the public school within the attendance area for residents of The Eden. According to standardized testing and proficiency score from 2015 to 2018, students of John Hay Elementary excel above to the district average. The school atmosphere nurtures curiosity, thoughtfulness, and personal responsibility. 

Another option outside of the attendance area is John Stanford Elementary School, an award-winning school offering language immersion programs in Spanish and Japanese. Students spend half their day speaking English and half speaking their chosen language, all the while learning core subjects such as math and history. 

Montessori Elementary Schools

Next to Woodland Park Zoo, Northwest Montessori School makes use of mixed-aged classrooms in order to build an environment of mutual respect and co-learning. Teachers observe carefully in order to bring new elements into the classroom, capturing the curiosity and determination of each child.

Located in view of the ship canal, Pacific Crest School has a Montessori program that begins in preschool and continues through middle school. The classroom design fosters independence through an environment of mutual respect and explorative learning. Their program follows the belief that children naturally want to learn, and the best method of teaching is to give them the tools to work independently. 

Specialized Schools

At Seattle Hebrew Academy, the core learning tenets focus on traditional, tried-and-true teaching methods supplemented with individualized tactics. Along with their core studies, elementary school students learn Hebrew, Tefilah liturgy, and Jewish history. 

Within walking distance of The Eden, Seattle Country Day School is a private school helping gifted children take full advantage of their cognitive ability. Classroom sizes are small, no more than 16 students to a room. The inquiry-based teaching method challenges students to figure things out on their own instead of supplying answers. To enroll, students must test in the 97th percentile in an IQ-style test or demonstrate unique talent warranting special consideration.

Independent Elementary Schools

The Meridian School is an independent institution with only 200 students. The teachers tailor the curriculum to the needs and interests of each student as they find their individual talents and passions. Above all else, The Meridian School values equity and inclusion, ensuring that every student feels like a part of the community. There is also a special focus on hands-on natural science as students experience the day-to-day work of a zoologist.

Following a similar approach, Bertschi School is a small school with only seven students to each teacher, allowing for one-on-one opportunities throughout the day. The highly personalized learning style encourages curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving as a group. Multiple school subjects are often incorporated into one lesson in order to harness the passions of each child. As they progress through the program, students learn to tackle problems in a holistic manner, relying on the knowledge and techniques they pick up.

Bright Water Waldorf School is another independent school that sets its sights on every aspect of a child’s development. As a Waldorf school, it seeks to support a child’s development physically, mentally, and emotionally though primarily activity-based lessons. Students learn compassion and the skills to put their compassion to work.

Each elementary school offers something unique, from a hands-on approach to a teaching method focused on the child’s critical thinking. An increasing number of schools near Queen Anne are introducing immersive language-learning and environmental science programs, with new teaching methods always around the corner. Looking for a place to call home? Take a look at what The Eden has to offer.

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