1 Bedroom Apartments in Queen Anne, Seattle

In Queen Anne, there are 11 or more downtown apartment complexes to choose from, and only two apartment complexes outside the Lower Queen Anne area. Choosing a 1 bedroom apartment in Queen Anne is a matter of not just budget, but personal taste, individual needs, and lifestyle. With tenancy averaging 3 years in one apartment, it’s important to take the time to find an apartment you will love for the full length of your stay. To help you find the right apartment, we will examine not just the location but the square footage, amenities and general atmosphere of 1 bedroom apartments in Queen Anne.

Nob Hill

Nob Hill floor plan with one bedroom, walk in closet, 3 social spaces, and 1 bathroom

A spacious 726 square feet located in East Queen Anne, this 1-bedroom apartment is perfect for entertaining. Nob Hill apartments have a scenic deck entrance which leads to the living room, featuring a tile backsplash fireplace. Without breaking the open floor plan, the shape of the building creates a natural divide between the living room and dining room, creating a second social area. For privacy, the bedroom, bathroom, and in-unit washer/dryer are tucked away in their own section of the apartment. 

What makes this 1-bedroom apartment unique is the extra storage space: the bedroom has its own walk-in closet, and there is a storage closet within easy reach of the kitchen, bedroom, and living room. For people who love to live clutter-free yet still have easy storage access within the apartment, Nob Hill provides the ideal balance. Nob Hill’s amenities include an indoor gym with fitness classes and a rooftop lounge for hosting community gatherings.


Blaine 1 bedroom apartment with large living room, three closets, and breakfast bar

Not to be confused with the city, Blaine is a stylish 1 bedroom apartment in East Queen Anne. A conservative but still spacious 648 square feet, Blaine has a hallway entrance with convenient access to the in-unit washer and dryer. The bedroom is equipped with tow closets and a door to the bathroom. The closet by the front door can serve as both a coat closet and extra pantry space. The connected living room and dining room make it easy to customize your living space, leaving plenty of room for your hobbies. 

The amenities of this 1-bedroom apartment are its main draws: a washer and dryer as well as stainless steel appliances in each apartment, and a 24-hour fitness center for the apartment complex. Pet-owners are excited to see the off-leash dog park. In addition, apartment residents can save space by keeping their bicycles in the bike storage area and repair shop included with rent. See a full list of apartment amenities.

No matter which 1-bedroom apartment you choose, there is a lot to love at each. For more information, check out 1-bedroom apartment floor plans at the Eden in Queen Anne.

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