Restaurant Delivery in East Queen Anne

With Seattle residents practicing social distancing and following shelter in place procedure, most of the usual restaurants and hangout spots in Queen Anne are either closed or delivery-only. The virus puts local restaurants in a tough position, trying to make ends meet without letting go of employees or putting people at risk. Ordering delivery is a great way to support your local Queen Anne restaurants while also enjoying a hearty meal from home. Each of these services delivers to East Queen Anne and the surrounding area.


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The food delivery company with the most presence in Seattle is Doordash, meaning it’s generally quicker and easier to catch an available driver. As for what to order, there are tons of options. Arguably Seattle’s most beloved chain restaurant, Dick’s Drive-In is delivering through Doordash. If you’re feeling boxed in, Annapurna Cafe is a wonderful treat, providing a decadent variety of recipes from India, Nepal, and Tibet. For a less fancy evening, Doordash also delivers Grady’s House of Chicken and Alberona’s Pizza & Pasta. Though a far stretch from a small, local restaurant, Pokeworks can also hit the spot. 


The second most well-known food deliverer in the area is UberEats, with a new variety of restaurants on the menu. Zaika means “sense of taste” in Urdu, and that’s what this artisan restaurant provides in artistic and delectable ways. Many people in East Queen Anne and elsewhere would be sad to see it go, so please consider supporting it if you have the means. For large portions of fresh seafood, Ten Sushi is offering delivery through UberEats. For juicy meat and Mediterranean food, Al Basha is a great restaurant option to order from.


On Grubhub, Salad Station is a great way to load up on fresh, raw veggies. The local chain, Blue Water Taco Grill, is build-your-own style, but also has a few tasty menu items to choose from. Also delivered to East Queen Anne through Grubhub, Shawarma King is a mediterranean fast food joint with fun side dishes like egyptian foul and eggplant dip, definitely worth a try.


Though not as well-known as some of the other delivery companies operating in East Queen Anne, Postmates has a specialty in grocery delivery, as well as delivery from liquor stores, drug stores, and pet stores. It also offers delivery from a wide selection of restaurants. For instance, if you haven’t tried Purple Dot Cafe, now is a great opportunity. Fat Shack provides admittedly (and intentionally) over-the-top fried foods, while Mecca Cafe offers diner classics. 

If you don’t see your favorite type of food on this list, there are many more offered by each delivery service. Delivery drivers are up as late (or early) as you are, so as long as a restaurant is open, someone is likely available to deliver.

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