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Social Distancing Activities in East Queen Anne

What to do when the usual haunts are shut down? There are fun places to go and sights to see within the radius of East Queen Anne, no transportation required. Whenever you feel the need for fresh air, browse this list for ideas on how to have new experiences in the outdoors within walking distance […]

Restaurant Delivery in East Queen Anne

With Seattle residents practicing social distancing and following shelter in place procedure, most of the usual restaurants and hangout spots in Queen Anne are either closed or delivery-only. The virus puts local restaurants in a tough position, trying to make ends meet without letting go of employees or putting people at risk. Ordering delivery is […]

What we Love about Queen Anne

Most Seattle residents have been to the Experience Music Project several times over, and the Space Needle more times than they can remember, but what about the hidden treasures of Queen Anne? What about the millions of other things that make up the culture and affect of Queen Anne? Here, we’ll look at not just […]

Elementary Schools in the Queen Anne Neighborhood

Queen Anne is a gorgeous neighborhood near the heart of Seattle, and boasts perhaps the best view of the Seattle skyline. It’s also a prosperous neighborhood with more than a few choices of quality elementary schools. From the local public schools to small, community-driven programs, there is a place where every child can flourish.  Queen […]

The Best Companies to Work for in Seattle

The Silicon Valley of Washington State is home to Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile, Boeing, Nintendo of America, and countless other tech companies of varying sizes. But this is not about them. This is about the most beloved Seattle companies, the places that people dream of working at. Each of these companies stand out for their positive […]

Moving to Seattle? Here’s What You Should Know

Looking for somewhere to live in Seattle? There are just a few things you need to know. 5 Things to Know Before Moving to Seattle 1. Plastic Bags and Straws are Out Be sure to bring reusable bags with you to the grocery store. In an effort to save the coral reefs, decrease the use […]

Kayaking Seattle: The Best Spots & The Best Shops

Comprised of 66 campsites and 160 day-use sites scattered between Olympia and the Canadian border, the Cascade Marine Trail makes it possible to kayak throughout the Washington waterways for days or weeks at a time. Some stops along the way are nearly impossible to reach by car, making the juice all the more worth the […]