Apartment Plants: Easy Indoor Plants and How to Care for Them

Nothing warms up a new apartment like something green. Whether or not you’ve had the chance to develop your green thumb, there are several common indoor plants that you will have no trouble caring for. Browse this short list of easy indoor plants and what’s needed to keep them happy. With a little patience, you’ll find the right plant (or plants) for you.

Snake Plant: Easy Care 

snake plants at a nurseryThe perfect starter plant, the snake plant only needs to be watered once every 1 to 2 weeks. Whether you’re just starting out as a plant owner or have watched one too many flowers wither away, you can rest assured that your snake plant will persevere. To keep it happy, check the soil for dampness about once a week and give your plant just a dash of water if needed. If the leaves feel full, you’re doing great. If they start to wither, just add water! The best thing you can do for a snake plant is relax and let it do its thing.

Jade Plant: Easy Care

jade plant in ceramic potOnce considered a spiritual source of prosperity, jade plants are considered great house-warming (or apartment-warming) gifts. The gifter trims a healthy section from their own plant and places it in a vase filled with water or nutrient formula until it grows roots. The cutting can then be transplanted into a vase of dry soil. If you know anyone with a jade plant, they’ll likely be excited to share. Find your jade plant a spot on the windowsill, water it once in a blue moon, and it will be happy as can be.

Peace Lily: Requires Some Special Care

2 peace lily flowers on large bush

One of the few flowering indoor plants, the peace lily is also one of the most versatile. When shopping at your local nursery, pay close attention to the label on each peace lily pot. While some breeds stop growing at just 10 inches, others grow to a towering 3 to 5 feet tall. If there’s a space in your apartment that needs filling, the peace lily is up to the task — just make sure you pick the right breed. Keep your peace lily’s soil slightly moist, keep it out of direct sunlight, and it will be right as rain. If your peace lily is ever looking under the weather consult this care guide.

Peperomia: Easy Care

peperomia plant at nursury with naturally wrinkled leavesA delicate-looking yet rugged plant, the peperomia comes in several varieties. Choose your favorite from verdant green to multicolored and naturally wrinkled leaves. Peperomia thrive under electric lighting and only need to be watered on occasion, but are happiest when repotted each spring. If you’re up to the task, you will fall in love with your peperomia. 

Plastic Plants: No Care Needed

plastic flower sewn together artisticallyNot everyone loves plastic plants, and that’s okay. There is a certain charm to a well designed plastic plant. They can be wild and colorful like a tropical flower, or pruned and perfect like a garden centerpiece. You me home is your domain: you can decorate your desk with a recreation of your favorite flower, let meandering plastic vines drape over your railings, even intermix plastic plants with easygoing succulents. This way, you can surround yourself with your favorite flora, real and recreated.


Did you find something green to brighten up the room? There are more varieties out there than scientists can hope to count, but this tops off the list.

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