Eden Apartment’s Thanksgiving Photo Scavenger Hunt

Join the Eden in celebrating Thanksgiving with our photo scavenger hunt! Gather up as many points as you can snapping photos in our beautiful neighborhood and while using our amenities and common areas!

Eden Apartments Queen Anne Scavenger Hunt

A cocktail close-up, a wedge of pineapple garnishes the rim.

Seattle’s Favorite Drinking Spots

It seems as if there is a club on every street corner and a microbrew around every bend in Seattle. It’s tough to narrow down where to go. We asked regulars at Seattle clubs, bars, and speakeasies about their favorite drinking spots and built this quick list.

The Best Bars and Clubs in Seattle


Just Hanging Out – The Pine Box

Serving the ultimate combination of beer and pizza, this late-night eatery has a focus on local craft brews with a few choice international selections. Patrons can enjoy table service or enjoy the ample space at the bar. Also on the menu are fresh, flavorful salads and giant burgers.

Date Night – Foreign National

With a dark ambiance and a sultry atmosphere, this downtown Seattle bar is the perfect place to bring a date. Each cocktail is quirky, fun, and terribly tempting. The Asian fusion menu is baffling and mouth-watering at the same time, from gooey cheeseburger bao to curry-filled puff pastries.

Brunch – Peso’s Kitchen

Friday through Sunday, lounge with your friends enjoying bottomless Mimosas or a bucket of Coronas. Share a few taco plates around the table or explore the nearly endless menu for your favorite Latin American cuisine. The margarita menu is full of fruity flavors, and there are more than a few exciting cocktails to try.

Grabbing a Drink – The Toledo

This unassuming bar may serve the best old-fashioned in the state. Comfort food is served on oven trays alongside draft beer, wine, and craft cocktails. With a casual atmosphere, this is the perfect place to meet an old friend or get a group together. The Toledo is down the street from The Eden, a modern cluster of apartments in downtown Seattle.

There are more than a few hidden gems in Seattle with luscious craft brews and experimental cocktails. Checking out these four serves as an appetizer before digesting all the possibilities Seattle provides.

Seattle light rail and metro transit bus underground

How to Get Everywhere from Seattle’s Westlake Neighborhood by Public Transit

Every day, people move to downtown Seattle and sell their cars – it’s an age-old story. Some keep their vehicles for road trips out of town, or lend them to friends outside the city, but almost no one drives in Seattle. The fastest way from point A to point B is almost always via public transit.

Navigating Downtown Seattle

Everything a Seattleite needs is on one route around downtown Seattle. Metro Transit buses 3 and 4 take Westlake residents everywhere they need to go. During peak transit times, the buses pass every fifteen minutes. The route takes passengers north through Freemont, Wallingford, Greenlake, and Phinney Ridge, then south through Queen Anne, Pioneer Square, Mt. Baker, and the Central District.

Buses 3 and 4 are a direct route to Pike’s Place Market, Centurylink Field, Woodland Park Zoo, the Space Needle, Paramount Theater, and every other key location in downtown Seattle. The route also passes numerous grocery stores, theaters, and city parks. For a faster route downtown, the E Line travels down Aurora Ave all the way from Shoreline to Downtown Seattle.

Click for full route map.

Visiting Other Cities

The tricky part about traveling between Washington cities is that almost every city has a separate transit system. The connections can sometimes be in odd places or take passengers on winding routes. However, there are some patterns to make it easier. For instance, a trip to Bellevue requires taking the 3 to James and 3rd then hopping on the 550 Express. The 522 to Woodinville leaves from James and 4th, just one block away. Getting to Renton is much more complicated, requiring at least two transfers. However, the 545 to Redmond stops at 4th and Pike, just a quick E Line trip from Westwood.

The routes between Washington cities may feel disorganized and random, but a little patience and a lot of practice will make the trip feel almost natural. It’s a good idea to consult Google Maps before traveling between cities.

Traveling Out-of-State and Internationally

King Street Station is a traffic hub located in the Seattle International District. A quick trip on the E line travels from Westwood to the station, which branches out all over the world. An underground entrance leads to the Link Light Rail which is a straight shot to the Seatac International Airport. Above ground, the Amtrak train is ready to take passengers all over the United States and Canada. For a cheaper price, the Bolt Bus takes passengers south to Portland and north to Vancouver, BC.

There is no need to sit in traffic. It is quick and painless to travel from Westwood to anywhere in Seattle. It’s even easier to travel out-of-state with the streamlined public transit system. Traveling between Washington cities can be a challenge, but following a specific route becomes second nature with a little practice. Residents agree: it’s cheaper, easier, and better for the environment to get around Seattle without a car.

Find An Apartment Near Me: A Checklist For Tenants

Apartment hunting can be fun, boring, exciting, and stressful, but it will always end in one of two ways. You will either stumble upon your dream home or start counting the days until the lease is up. Follow this guide to land on the apartment you’ve been searching for.

Does it have all the apartment amenities you want?

One of the most exciting parts of picking a new apartment is choosing the perks. Many apartment buildings have fitness centers which vary in size. It is fairly common for apartment complexes to have swimming pools, but only a few are open in the winter. A small handful of apartment complexes have expansive community areas with picnic tables, barbecues, and play sets. It is fun to look through the amenities of an apartment complex and see what it has to offer.

Is everything I need within walking distance of the apartment?

This question is not a necessity for everyone, but there are great advantages to having everything in reach. Dog owners may like having a park down the street from their home. Late night snackers might benefit from having a grocery story nearby. Anyone who is hoping to shape up may like to have a gym they can walk to. Before sealing the deal on a new apartment, take a look at the local area.

Will the landlord be there when I need them?

When you need maintenance, will someone come over right away or will you end up fixing the problem by yourself? The best way to know beforehand is to know what type of business you are signing on with. If the building belongs to a family or an individual, then the quality of service depends entirely on them. Some are very attentive. Others live out-of-state and any maintenance requests will go straight to voicemail. The most reliable apartment management comes from a company with a devoted maintenance team and easy access. You won’t have to look twice to see where to go when something needs fixing.

Will it be good enough for me in 3 years?

Moving isn’t just costly. It can be stressful, too. Falling in love with the right apartment means having the chance to spread your roots, and not having to worry about packing everything up again once the lease ends. Is the apartment you are looking at right now the same one that you want to be in after a few years pass? One bedroom may be fine for now, but will it still be fine after you’ve had a chance to settle in? Is there enough space for everyone in your family, now and in the near future? Most importantly, does it feel like home?

When looking through this checklist, you may catch yourself focusing on one or two particular points. These are unique to you. They make up what is the most important for you to find your dream apartment. If you use these points first and foremost in selecting an apartment, you are sure to find somewhere worth the stay.

Home Décor Ideas to Spruce up Your Apartment

Decorating your home is a great way to express your individualism and personal taste, through furniture, artwork, and other décor. Although the individual appearance and style is all your own, it can sometimes be hard to think of new and refreshing ideas of where to start.

Whether you’re decorating a new home or redecorating an old one, here are some unique home décor ideas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Unique Home Décor

Indoor Plants

There are a lot of indoor plant options that can really spruce up a room, with minimal effort required! Plants such as succulents and orchids need little sunlight and water to stay green and beautiful. Check out Costafarms guide to the best low-water houseplants to help improve your home décor.


indoor plant decorations


Old Memorabilia

It’s great being able to go to a friend/family member’s home and see an old scrapbook or family heirloom. A surefire way to start a conversation, visitors are usually interested in some aspect of your life. For example, growing up my father had an old model ship that his father built by hand. It was a beautiful piece of artwork, and he always loved telling the story behind it.

If you don’t want to keep old memorabilia out in the open, then an interesting object or magazine for instance can be a great way to spark up conversation with those visiting your home.

A Unique Rug That Defines you

A strong, defining rug will often be the first thing people will see when walking into a room.

Are you more shy? Place a neutral rug on the floor. Super eccentric? Get a bright orange patterned rug for your home. Whatever your preference, a bold rug can help define your home décor, and help keep your feet warm.


If you enjoy reading, a bookshelf is a great piece of furniture to fill in some open space as well as display your books in an organized, attractive fashion. Depending on your personal style, you can find a more modern, sleek bookshelf or go for the standard, rustic wood design.

Wine/Liqueur Bottles

If you’ve ever had to deal with storing or recycling in a small rental home, you understand how difficult it can be. Here are 25 unique wine bottle displays for the DIY type, for both full and empty bottles.

Wine Bottle Display

Since you make it yourself, no other display in the world will be the same as yours. Time to get creative!

Colorful Curtains/Drapes

Anywhere you find curtains opens an opportunity for creativity and uniqueness. In the living room or bedrooms, you may want a solid color that accents the room well. But in the bathroom (typically more basic on its own) may call for a crazier patterned design.

Whatever you decide, it’s got to be better than the standard white blinds you find in most homes. Similar to a rug, curtains can be a great opportunity to express one’s individuality.

Power Strip

As a bonus, a surge protector with multiple outlets won’t help decorate your home, but it can help hide unsightly cords, helping to clean up the room as well as protecting people from tripping embarrassingly. The power strip can be hidden under anything, but our personal favorite is under the main couch in a living room.

It’s extremely convenient to be able to pull out a charger someone needs, or even offer an extra slot for a unique cable (for example, great for android users at an Apple dominant home, or vice-versa).

Of course if you’d rather shell out a bunch of money for some fancy decorations, be my guest. But if you’d rather put in a little bit of effort to find and/or make some unique home décor, all it takes is some creativity, inspiration, and knowing where to look.