Average Rating: 4.43

Meghana M.
Rating: 0.5
Would not recommend anyone take an apartment in this community. I expect a prompt response for queries when they are so strict on the deadline.

Ben Jen C.
Rating: 5
It is well refurbished when we moved in. The staff here helps a lot when we were doing move-in procedures such as lease signing and parking space applying. Great move-in experience!

Kunal S.
Rating: 5
Victoria went above and beyond to make this lease happen. She was highly available, consistently dove deep to understand our needs, and was personable and friendly. She is definitely someone I wouldn't mind interacting with on a daily basis. She is a gem, keep her at all costs!

Jillian S.
Rating: 4.5
Great place to live with amazing amenities! Everyone is friendly, respects and quiet! Only flaw is they’re putting in doors to all the apartment complex’s (that’s not the issue) the issue is they aren’t putting in a key pad for guests to call in and let us beep them in.

John G.
Rating: 4
Great apartments, prompt service, only issues we've had is with package deliveries started using Amazon lockers though and haven't had issues since.

Fei H.
Rating: 4.5
It’s pretty good here, and the noise level from outside is lower in summer. But the the ceiling is too thin, I can hear people upstairs walking and doing other stuff

Nancy P.
Rating: 5
Patricia was so helpful in every way. We were able to move our parking places to fit our needs. Really excellent move in process. Dog park is so fun!

Brandon P.
Rating: 5
So far I'm very happy with both the apartment and the level of service from the property management team. Very happy I picked this location to start my new life in Seattle!

Apoorva M.
Rating: 5
I'm a new resident. The Eden seems like a really great community so far! The amenities, service and maintenance all up to par. Thank you!!!!

Aditya S.
Rating: 4.5
The move in was pretty smooth, the whole process was pretty streamlined and had no trouble setting up my place. I have been here for about a week now and I like the space,the lounge and all the facilities here at Eden. Looking forward to more happy times.

Photo of dogs, people entertaining outdoors, and indoor plants
Photo of dogs, people entertaining outdoors, and indoor plants
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