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2 Bedroom Apartments: Make the Most of Your Second Bedroom

Thinking of moving into an apartment with an extra bedroom? A lot can be done with a little extra space, especially with pre-planning. Whether you’re planning to use the room for work, hobbies, storage, or something completely different, see how best to use your second bedroom to get the most out of your whole apartment.

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Not Just an Office

Many couples figure one room will be the bedroom, and the other can be a shared office space. This can work great for some, but sometimes other setups work even better. For example, one person may prefer dim lighting and music while the other prefers bright lights and silence. Sometimes having two desks together works perfectly, other times it works out to have them in separate rooms. Don’t feel boxed in–experiment with what helps everyone thrive.

Hobby Room

The largest room with the most natural light might go to waste as a bedroom, so why not make it the most exciting room in the house? Make your creative space the centerpiece of the room, decorated with everything you’ve worked on. From art to music to crafting and repairs, it’s refreshing to come home to a space designed around creativity. 

Display, not Storage

Most of the things we tuck away in storage are much more enjoyable outside the box. Following the Marie Kondo Method, you may find your storage is a mix of things you’d love to display or have on hand, and things you’re ready to say goodbye to. Sometimes the second bedroom turns into a storage room full of wasted space–don’t let this happen to you! 

Multipurpose Guest Room

If you grew up in a big house, one room was likely just for guests, complete with a queen or double bed. It’s great for guests to have their own space, but this space must be managed with care in a 2-bedroom apartment. Rather than buying a second bed, consider a hide-a-bed or air mattress. The extra space can then be used for different things, maybe an exercise room or extra project space. 

What hopes do you have for your second bedroom? See expert tips on apartment decor.

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Apartment Decor and Decorations: Tips from our Interior Design Specialists

Apartment decorating can be difficult with so many options and styles to choose from. Especially when you move into a new apartment, it can be overwhelming to start fresh with new furniture and decorations. At Eden Apartments, we want you to feel as much at home as possible, and with the best dressed apartment. If you’re looking for some ways to make your new Eden Apartment stand out and feel personalized to you, look no further. 

Stylish Finishes and Tips for your new Eden Apartment:

apartment kitchen with breakfast bar and bright lighting

All of our apartments have beautiful entryways with luxury vinyl wide-plank flooring (also with noise reduction padding!) Add an entryway bench or coat rack like this piece from Pottery Barn for quick, convenient storage. You could easily store guests’ coats and shoes, your workout shoes or yoga mat for our Guided Fitness classes offered at our gym, or your dogs’ leashes for walks to our brand new fenced dog run. 

kitchen with stainless steel oven and fridge, gray brick tile,white and blue color scheme

In the kitchen, add a little personal touch to the stainless steel fridge by adding these polaroid picture magnets from Urban Outfitters. A great way to add a little color to your fridge and show off your friends and family! 

Do you enjoy cooking? Add this metal kitchen shelf from Urban Outfitters to store spices, cooking oils, and cooking utensils near the stove. Plus it looks great with our stylish two-tone navy and white finished cabinets. 

Keep your fruit and veggies off the gorgeous, white, quartz slab countertops in the kitchen with these adorable hanging baskets from Urban Outfitters. You could also store cookbooks, plants, and other kitchen cookware. A great added storage piece without countertop clutter. 

living room with fireplace, window overlooking Seattle, furnished with modern art, throw pillows, and plants

Make your tile fireplace stand out with statement mirror from World Market to hang above the mantle. Not only will this mirror add even more natural light and make the room appear even larger, it will also perfectly tie in with the gorgeous circle bathroom mirror. 

With there being tons of natural light and huge windows in our apartments, plants are also a necessity. For all of your plant needs, check out this Queen Anne plant shop, Cultivate Propagate. This shop is only 1.3 miles from our apartment complex! And if you’re looking for a cute plant holder as well, this multi purpose ladder shelf from Amazon would be great for storing plants, books, candles, and more.

breakfast table in kitchen nook with large window and sliding door bringing in natural light

With natural light flowing in from the large window and sliding door, the Eden dining room is a wonderful place to sip coffee in the mornings. If you want to opt for a less traditional dining table, check out this breakfast bar and bar stools from Urban Outfitters. Every morning, you can take in that spectacular view of Seattle while reading a book or checking Instagram. 

Let’s not forget about our private patios and balconies! Spruce up your balcony with some fresh herbs and flowers. Wayfair has a self-watering planter box waiting to be filled with basil, mint, and lavender. Or, go the more traditional route with this three-piece balcony table and chair set from Wayfair. The table folds up for easy storage for when you want to entertain guests in your new apartment.

small wooden desk with office chair next to bed

Although our bedrooms are large enough for a queen bed and full-sized desk, sometimes you want your room to feel a little more open, or less work-friendly. Consider desks that are functional, don’t take up a ton of bedroom space, and can be tucked away when you don’t want to think about work or school. Check out this wall-mounted desk from Urban Outfitters. You could even hang it up in the living room next to a cozy chair like this one from World Market. Easily close the desk up at 5:00pm (or a little before) and head to one of our two beautiful rooftop decks and enjoy the spectacular views, glass of wine in hand. 

rooftop lounge in evening with rooftop garden, tables, couches, and playful lighting

Ready to start online shopping apartment decor for your brand new Eden Apartment? Check out our variety of floor plans here, or fill out an application if you’ve already started shopping.

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Home Décor Ideas to Spruce up Your Apartment

Decorating your home is a great way to express your individualism and personal taste, through furniture, artwork, and other décor. Although the individual appearance and style is all your own, it can sometimes be hard to think of new and refreshing ideas of where to start.

Whether you’re decorating a new home or redecorating an old one, here are some unique home décor ideas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Unique Home Décor

Indoor Plants

There are a lot of indoor plant options that can really spruce up a room, with minimal effort required! Plants such as succulents and orchids need little sunlight and water to stay green and beautiful. Check out Costafarms guide to the best low-water houseplants to help improve your home décor.


indoor plant decorations


Old Memorabilia

It’s great being able to go to a friend/family member’s home and see an old scrapbook or family heirloom. A surefire way to start a conversation, visitors are usually interested in some aspect of your life. For example, growing up my father had an old model ship that his father built by hand. It was a beautiful piece of artwork, and he always loved telling the story behind it.

If you don’t want to keep old memorabilia out in the open, then an interesting object or magazine for instance can be a great way to spark up conversation with those visiting your home.

A Unique Rug That Defines you

A strong, defining rug will often be the first thing people will see when walking into a room.

Are you more shy? Place a neutral rug on the floor. Super eccentric? Get a bright orange patterned rug for your home. Whatever your preference, a bold rug can help define your home décor, and help keep your feet warm.


If you enjoy reading, a bookshelf is a great piece of furniture to fill in some open space as well as display your books in an organized, attractive fashion. Depending on your personal style, you can find a more modern, sleek bookshelf or go for the standard, rustic wood design.

Wine/Liqueur Bottles

If you’ve ever had to deal with storing or recycling in a small rental home, you understand how difficult it can be. Here are 25 unique wine bottle displays for the DIY type, for both full and empty bottles.

Wine Bottle Display

Since you make it yourself, no other display in the world will be the same as yours. Time to get creative!

Colorful Curtains/Drapes

Anywhere you find curtains opens an opportunity for creativity and uniqueness. In the living room or bedrooms, you may want a solid color that accents the room well. But in the bathroom (typically more basic on its own) may call for a crazier patterned design.

Whatever you decide, it’s got to be better than the standard white blinds you find in most homes. Similar to a rug, curtains can be a great opportunity to express one’s individuality.

Power Strip

As a bonus, a surge protector with multiple outlets won’t help decorate your home, but it can help hide unsightly cords, helping to clean up the room as well as protecting people from tripping embarrassingly. The power strip can be hidden under anything, but our personal favorite is under the main couch in a living room.

It’s extremely convenient to be able to pull out a charger someone needs, or even offer an extra slot for a unique cable (for example, great for android users at an Apple dominant home, or vice-versa).

Of course if you’d rather shell out a bunch of money for some fancy decorations, be my guest. But if you’d rather put in a little bit of effort to find and/or make some unique home décor, all it takes is some creativity, inspiration, and knowing where to look.

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